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"Begampur " its a town in West Bengal.Begampur weavers mainly weave cotton sarees.Begampur weaving mainly used the mahapar technique(broad plain border).The weavers also intoduced motifs and as time went by the weavers started experimenting by extra weft in designs with unique colour combinations.Pit looms and frame looms were used to help increase the productivity.

There is no Documentation on how old begampuri weavnig is.The weavers we work with,replicated this design on Begampuri handloom cotton.

Owning this heritage weave is tresure by itself,There is lot of revival used in handloom,sticking to original makes sense and gives contentment to the artists who weave.

We are working more on future projects to bring back Begampuri at its best in its original form. 

Begampur Saree